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The ICC - Formation

The ICC-Formation is an organization inside the Catholic Church that was established to provide training services to youth associations around the world. The ICC-Formation has numerous sections in various parts of the globe with only one goal in mind, that is, to give sufficient training and materials for youth councils. We, as a unit of the Catholic Church, reach out to the leaders of schools, universities, and other institutions that have youth councils under their organization. We want to consistently provide training and to continuously mentor the leaders of these groups without compromising the lessons and the quality.

Members of the same church

As a member of the Catholic Church, our main goal as one member of the body of Christ is to know and understand the Gospel. We are also commanded to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you, and Jesus will be with these members and disciple-makers until the end of the age. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, we want to uplift and build up the body of Christ. As members, we need to strengthen each other’s faith and to establish the foundation for this faith in Jesus Christ.

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Importance of the Youth

We recognize the importance of the youth to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. We want all people to know about the gospel is an important life of young people not only for themselves but for our country and the world. These young people are the next generation leaders. They are the ones who will be the mayors, governors, and even presidents or kings of different nations. To train them in the way that they should go is not only a suggestion for Christian people but they are part of creating new disciples for Jesus Christ.

The ICC-Formation

As part of the Catholic Church, our goal is to make every youth as a member of Jesus Christ. And we recognize the importance of sharing the gospel to these young people as early as possible. According to history, it is in the teenage years where youth can develop ideologies and establish their foundations physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If we do not do our part in preparing the kids in the world, they will obtain the characteristics and the desires of the world. This is why the ICC-Formation was created. We will not rest until all youth have been reached by the Word of the Gospel.

Youth formation
Youth trainings

Youth training

We build a website primarily to gain youth ministers and youth council heads as website visitors. We recognize the need to continuously mentor and coach these leaders to become established in the faith and to have the wisdom to lead their organizations according to the leading of the Lord. We are providing new content and materials to youth councils and provide them with recommendations about activities that youth groups can do. We also host and sponsor sports fests to have good competition between youth councils.

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Adam Maes

Adam Maes is an article writer and a youth council volunteer. He has a degree in Communications and is very willing to help the endeavor of the Catholic Church to teach Youth Councils on how to reach out to young people especially in schools and universities.​

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